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Christadelphian Support Service South Australia


Sponsored by Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, Barossa, Hyde Park, Mid-North, Mt Barker, South Adelaide, Southern Vales Ecclesias

The Support Service is one of the ways our ecclesia cares for its members. Each of us can get support from family, medical or social professionals, brothers and sisters in the ecclesia and formal ecclesial help. The Support Serviceis a part of the way our ecclesia has decided to assist us with the burdens that can weigh us down.


Ecclesias share with other brothers and sisters from other ecclesias the privilege of helping and being helped. By sharing the load we can all have access to Christadelphians who understand our hopes and vision, who know the struggles we have and the issues we confront as we seek to live the Truth.


The cooperation of ecclesias like this is a wonderful blessing. Brothers and sisters who have care, compassion and training in ways to help us deal with the cares and anxieties of life are available whenever you need them. The training they have gives them skills to help you find solutions to the issues you are dealing with based on scriptural principles. They also have access to skilled professionals who are sensitive to our Faith.


We pray for the time – soon to come – when our Saviour will come to take away all our sorrows and bring the “peace that passes all understanding”.


By admin on 30 November 2009

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