Forgiveness - bro David Hill

25/02/2012 4:00 pm

 FORGIVENESS  (Bro. David Hill)

Hyde Park hall, Saturday 25 February 2012

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Part 2 Audio

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These interactive sessions looked at God’s forgiveness of our sin, and our forgiveness of those who sin against us.

We branched into topics such as:

-        The pre-requisites for God’s forgiveness of our sins.

-        How we can put a limit on God’s forgiveness

-        The link between love and forgiveness

-        How to ask for forgiveness

-        What if someone won’t forgive?

From this we looked at some common misconceptions surrounding forgiveness; why we at times find it hard to forgive others; making excuses and asking questions such as:

-        What if they’re not genuine?

-        Is forgetting essential to true forgiveness?

-        Is God’s forgiveness conditional or absolute?

-        Are we expected to immediately forgive - even when the sin hurts us bitterly,                  (eg. unfaithfulness, betrayal etc.)

And many other practical, real life questions we struggle with.

25 February 2012 - God willing - Forgiveness.

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