After the fantastic 2010 Youth Seminar on 13 November AND the even better May 2011 Youth Seminar we're inviting you to YS2012 on 12 May 2012 to get close to God in your life!

When: Saturday 12th May 2012

Where: Adelaide Christadelphian Hall on Halifax Street

Who: Anyone at a Youth Group age

Time: 4-9pm


The Youth Seminar will run in the same format as the last few years. There will be three different seminars/workshops being run, you have the option of attending two. (all seminars/workshops will be run twice)

The first presentations will begin at 4pm

Tea will be at 6pm, please bring a donation.

They will be repeated again beginning at 7pm

The options are:

 1. Being True To Yourself - Bro. Matt Hill

2. If God Loves Me - Why do I Feel Sad? - Phil Davidson

The session will examine the emotion of sadness and the medical diagnosis of depression, its symptoms and treatments. We will then see that despite the wonderful blessings of the truth, Christadelphian young people can be subject to mental health issues, as much as any other physical illness. it will be suggested furthermore, that as a result of possible misperceptions within the brotherhood, it can actually prove more difficult for a Christadelphian to deal with depression or other mental illness. the latter part of the session will comprise an examination of ways to manage the challenge of depression, both as a sufferer, and as someone worried about a friend with the condition.

3. This option is a split session,

Bro Tim Badger will take the boys and the girls leaders are a panel of sisters

the workshop will focus on specific issues relating to being a young guy or young girl. If you have any questions you would like to have answered or brought up, inbox me (Tobias Knowles) if you're a guy or if you're a girl, Bree Scerri.




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