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About the Support Service

Caring for each other is a prominent Bible command, especially emphasised by our Lord Jesus Christ. Christadelphian Support Service SA offers a more targeted level of help to complement the support and welfare generally provided by ecclesias. Through CSSSA, brothers and sisters and their families can freely access spiritually-oriented counselling and referrals for the kinds of problems that require specialised training and skills.

The volunteers who make up the committee, telephone contact people and counsellors are representatives of the seven Ecclesias involved: Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, Barossa, Hyde Park, Mt Barker, South Adelaide and Southern Vales. Donations from these Ecclesias pay for the running of the Support Service and for putting on seminars.

The CSSSA started in early 2000’s with a group of enthusiastic brothers and sisters who were aware of the needs of some ecclesial members falling through the cracks of what help was available within the ecclesial community. They established the Christadelphian Care Group SA, later to be re-named Christadelphian Support Services, to provide Bible-based counselling services and seminars for a wide range of issues.

Attending our seminars and accessing the telephone and face-to-face counselling has perhaps opened the way for brothers and sisters to receive the help they need, and in some cases give them incentive to seek additional professional help. The seminars have helped to bring hidden issues out into the open and to allow them to be addressed in appropriate and healthy ways.