Mission Statement
"The mission of the support network is to offer suitably qualified support in areas of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship dysfunction or crisis that are beyond the capacity of ecclesias. Consistent with this objective, support will be offered by people who are qualified by profession, training, or extensive experience and whose philosophies are consistent with Christadelphian values and beliefs."

The Queensland Christadelphian Support Network was developed in recognition of the fact that many of the problems confronted by ecclesias today demand a knowledge and expertise that is often beyond their individual capacity. The Network aims to bring together the expertise of the whole community and put it at the disposal of ecclesias that are in need of specialist advice.

 In Queensland, the Network provides ecclesias with access to its expertise by:

  • providing an advisory service to ecclesias;
  • providing a confidential counselling service for brothers and sisters;
  • presenting seminars on areas of identified need.

 The Queensland Support Network exists to serve the needs of Queensland ecclesias. For this reason, it answers directly to these ecclesias and relies on their support for funding. The committee does not aim to usurp the authority of the elected Arranging Brethren or to replace resources that already exist within ecclesias, but merely supplements ecclesial resources as needed.

Management Committee                                     Counsellors
President – Brother Bob Buttsworth                         Sister Fiona Bosly
Secretary – Sister Lesley Quill                                Brother Mark Hill
Treasurer – Brother Nathan Archer                                      

Other Committee Members

Sisters Jeannie Barton, Donna Balma and Fiona Bosly

Bro Mark Hill              Ph: 0439 799 614
                                 E-mail marknamyhill@yahoo.com.au. Mark specialises in
                                 issues that affect our young people

Sis Fiona Bosly          Ph: (07) 3379 5767
                                 E-mail: fbosly@optusnet.com.au.  Fiona specialises in
                                 couple and family issues. 

Crisis Counselling: Inter-state Service
Telephone Counselling            1800 508 806

Regional Contact:
Sis Jeannie Barton      Ph: (07) 4696 6148.
                                 E-mail: jeannie.barton@bigpond.com.  Jeannie is a nurse and
                                 specializes in children’s health

Isolation Contact:
Sis Donna Balma        Ph: (07) 3256 0484
                                 E-mail: donnabalma@hotmail.com.  Donna is currently doing
                                 an undergraduate degree in Social Work at the University of
                                 Queensland and is a support worker and a certified Level 1
                                 Phone Counsellor.