Australia Wide Chat Room Counselling Service - Security
                                                           (Posted 01-09-07)

In August, 2007 the Chat Room software supplied by Parachat was upgraded to their Professional version which allowed greater security to be implemented.
Whilst the Chat Room Counselling security has never been breached, upgrades were considered necessary in this computer literate age.
When a client enters the Chat Room at the advertised times, shown on the Chat Room page, they should see one of the following names.
counsellor1, counsellor2 etc through to counsellor9. These are registered password protected names used by our qualified counsellors. Any other name not spelt exactly as above is NOT a counsellor.  Clients should exit the Chat Room and try again later.
Misspelt counsellor login names are also blocked to prevent mimicking of counsellors true login names.
Client names, which should be 'made-up-names', are not blocked and a Password will not be requested.
When a counsellor replies he/she will implement a PRIVATE conversation which cannot be seen by anyone else no matter how many others enter the Chat Room.

   All security measures for the Chat Room have now been implemented.

     Map of Australia on the Home Page - All Australian Care Organisations 
(Posted 01-09-07)
The 'MAP' provides a link to the generic page which allows the user to view (browse) all Christadelphian Care Organisations in Australia. It has been placed on the Home page for convenience and faster access.