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Support Service SA
Bear one another's burdens and so fulfil the Law of Christ


In harmony with scriptural principles regarding the avoidance of gossip and idle chatter, and in the best interests of helping one another, all Contact and Resource People are bound to a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Your Support Service contact is confidential. You need not identify yourself to the contact person, and the contact person will not try to find out who you are. What you discuss will go no further without your consent.

There are rare occasions when information is transmitted, though. These are:

  • Where there is a disclosure of child abuse - by South Australian law the authorities must be notified;
  • Where there is grave and imminent danger - one would not want to stand by and simply let it happen;
  • Tabulated data, stripped of all identifying content, is shared with other care groups and member ecclesias so all have a sense of the sorts of problems being experienced.