Bear one another's burdens 

and so fulfil the law of Christ

Bear one another's burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ
Bear one another's burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ

Seminar Recordings

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Downloadable Recordings:

Bearing Each others Burdens - Listening and Helping Skills Workshop , 23 May 2015. Audio and pdf

Budgeting and Finance Seminar - Bro Craig Stone & Sam Mansfield, 15 Nov 2014. Videos, pdf

Morality Gap Seminar - Bro Gary Steel, 15 March 2014. Audio

Depression Seminar - Bro Jon Mansfield, 11 May 2013. Audio and pdf notes

Forgiveness Seminar - Brother David Hill, 25 February 2012. DvDs, Audio and pdf notes

Brain Injury Seminar -Kate Dawes, 13 September 2011. DvDs, Audio

Youth Seminar 2006 - Youth Counsellor - Coping in Tough Times


CDs and DVDs


The Ever - Increasing Morality Gap Gary Steel 2014 2CDs
Depression - Spiritual and Medical Perspectives Jon Mansfield 2013 2DVDs OR 2CDs
Where There's A Will There's a Way - Preparing
     for Positive Outcomes in Later Life
Langdon Palmer & Forum 2013 2DVDs OR 2CDs
Forgiveness David Hill 2012 2DVDs OR 2CDs
Brain Injury Information Seminar  Kate Dawes 2011  2CDs
Self Esteem - a Biblical Approach Steven Hill 2002 2CDs
Depression - Positive Steps Forward in God's Love  Jon Mansfield 2002  2CDs
Maintaining a Sound Mind Gary Steel 2002  2CDs
How to Cope with Tough Times: Strategies
     for Youth (for young people)
Martin Gare 2006  2CDs
How to Cope with Tough Times: Strategies
     for Raising Youth (for parents)
Martin Gare 2006 2CDs
Turning the Tide – Pornography, Domestic
     Violence, Child Abuse
Gary Steel 2007  2CDs
Use or Abuse? Alcohol, Drugs & Addiction Phil Davidson, Derek Harvey, Trish Harvey 2008  2CDs
Helping Effectively Gary Steel 2008  2DVDs OR 2CDs
Forgiveness Greg Palmer 2008 2DVDs OR 2CDs