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Procedure for young people who are intending to marry

Currently there are four Victorian Brethren who are registered to perform marriage ceremonies within the Christadelphian Community in any state of Australia. These Brethren are listed below.

Bro. Mark Hosie (Peninsula)

Bro. Rodney Janssen (Mildura)

Bro. Andrew Wallace (Boronia)

Bro. Rob Crispin (Heathmont)

Couples are free to choose any one of these Brethren to perform the ceremony.

An essential part of the celebrant's duties is to give the couples a series of pre marital talks, covering the following topics:

  1. The administrative and Legal requirements prior to marriage
  2. Marriage Designed by God
  3. Communication and resolving differences
  4. Getting to know myself and my partner
  5. Intimacy in marriage
  6. Finances
  7. Friends and leisure activities

Legally couples have to sign a "Notice Of Intention of Marriage" at least one full calendar month prior to the marriage ceremony being performed. The marrying brother will provide all the required paperwork and will also need some time to arrange and carry out the pre marital talks which usually involve one evening per week spread over a six weeks period.

The marriage celebrants are also available to give advice on whatever other issues a couple will need to think about when contemplating marriage or in arranging the actual wedding.

On behalf of the Marriage Registration Committee,

Bro. Don Wallace




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