sp leoniedangerfieldSis Leonie is a Special Education Teacher with the emphasis on learning difficulties and disabilities. Her expertise is in the areas of both primary and secondary age schooling. She works on testing and diagnosing the best learning style for students and writing programs for them to follow and maximise their learning potential.

She has been working with students on the area of Careers counselling and motivating them to gain access to the workforce and giving them the skills and confidence to make job applications, form resumes and learn appropriate interview skills.

Leonie's relatively recent experience has been in implementing programs for those students with Autism, including Aspergers and students who have aspects of these syndromes. The programs include strategies for students to cope best in our world and for others to manage the differences in their behavours and to understand why students behave in certain ways, too.

Leonie's field of work extends to the family and the impact that students with difficulties have on everyone—discipline and parenting suggestions also come into this field. Social skills programs involving appropriate body language and conversations have been useful for young ones to gain the confidence and expertise to make friends and fit into group situations. She is able to interpret test result from Psychologists, Speech therapists and Paediatric reports and translate them into user-friendly language.

Leonie is happy to discuss concerns with your child's academic development as well as their social and emotional growth.

Young people with difficulties with subject selection, study difficulties and career options are also welcome to call or email.

Tel: 5728 2329

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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