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The Ever-Increasing Morality Gap

15th March 2014 Gary Steel
This Seminar is not suitable for children (Less than 16 years)
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There was a time when the laws, values and principles of the Christian nations could be loosely traced back to the Bible.  Today, God is being systematically silenced in the governments of the west.

The impact on the ecclesia is becoming more and more apparent;  legislation such as no-fault divorce, the legalisation of same sex relationships, unrestricted access to internet pornography and effective contraception made available to teenager,  have all contributed to a deterioration of biblical standards within the ecclesia.

There is no doubt that these changes in society have helped those who choose to live a secular life. In the context of the humanists’ worldview, it is easy to see why they choose to repudiate God and the Bible and live what the Bible would call a sinful life.

The problem for us lies with the influence of those churches that choose a middle ground between the plain irrefutable teaching of the scripture and humanism, resulting in the ordination of women, homosexual priests and the rejection of the authority of the scriptures.  These moves in the churches have a trickle-down effect on the ecclesia.

We need to understand same-sex relationships so that our position is legal and informed, as well as Bible-based.   We will present material on the biological and conditioned origins of homosexuality and explore the justification used by churches for accepting practicing homosexual couples in their fellowship. 

The ‘gay’ lifestyle is presented with relentless regularity in movies, sitcoms and other TV shows promoting a disproportionate view of the percentage of homosexuals in the community and indirectly promoting the lifestyle without any balance on the downside of that world.

Our material will be drawn from various authors from both sides of the argument as well as from personal discussions with Christadelphian and non-Christadelphian homosexuals and lesbians.

The seminar comprises two sessions and concludes with positive thoughts on strengthening our faith and developing godly habits.

Our seminar will look at the following issues:

  • Homosexuality, including the issue of extending fellowship to homosexual couples, that is beginning to be urged in some areas.
  • The impact of pornography and exploring ways to break bad habits
  • The impact of no-fault divorce on our community.


Download the presentation.

In additio, a 2-CD recording of the presentation is available here.



06 March 2014