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Budget & Finance

Making Sense out of Dollars 

A commonsense approach to budgeting and finance

Saturday 15 November 2014 - Craig Stone & Sam Mansfield

PLEASE NOTE: These recordings are for personal use only. Please respect the speaker and their subject by not uploading or redistributing elsewhere.

3 x 1 hour sessions covering some common questions, such as: 

  • At the moment, I have monthleft over at the end of the money.  How can I change things around to have more money left over at the end of the month?
  • I am thinking of buying something (car, furniture, etc...) on credit, is that a wise idea?
  • We are looking to buy a property to live in, rather than continue renting.  What things do we need to think about?
  • Jesus is coming back soon, why should I bother to save for the long term?
  • A friend of mine said I need to have some personal insurances ‘just in case’.  Should I?  What do I need to think about?

Powerpoint Slides (pdf format) - 6mb

Budget Planner Worksheet A3 (pdf format) - 0.7mb

A download of the videos will be available shortly.


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