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Bear one another's burdens and so fulfil the Law of Christ


Presented by Bro David Hill

Start: 25/02/2012 4:00 pm
Hyde Park hall, Saturday 25 February 2012

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 We branched into topics such as:

  • The pre-requisites for God’s forgiveness of our sins.
  • How can put a limit on God’s forgiveness
  • The link between love and forgiveness
  • How to ask for forgiveness
  • What if someone won’t forgive?

From this we looked at some common misconceptions surrounding forgiveness; why we at times find it hard to forgive others; making excuses and asking questions such as:

  • What if they’re not genuine?
  • Is forgetting essential to true forgiveness?
  • Is God’s forgiveness conditional or absolute?
  • Are we expected to immediately forgive - even when the sin hurts us bitterly,(eg. unfaithfulness, betrayal etc.)?
  • ...and many other practical, real life questions we struggle with. 

These interactive sessions looked at God’s forgiveness of our sin, and our forgiveness of those who sin against us.


Download the audio:
      Forgiveness (1)
      Forgiveness (2)

2-CD or 2-DVD recordings of the presentation are available here.